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5 Ways to be Sustainable at Christmas

After a breakthrough COP27 agreement, sustainability is at the forefront of many people's minds. It's never felt more urgent or important to protect this beautiful planet we all live on.

But with Christmas a month away, it can seem impossible to be sustainable. The sheer amount of 'stuff' and waste from this time of the year can feel overwhelming.

Flash sales and 'last minute' offers to persuade you to buy more stuff you probably don't really need.

It’s easy to forget what Christmas is really about - spending time with loved ones.

However, living more sustainably doesn't mean you can't enjoy the festive period. By making some simple tweaks to how you do Christmas, you can enjoy it and help to protect the planet.

Here are five ways to be sustainable this Christmas:

1. Make memories - gift experiences

Did you know that over half of the adults in Britain report that they've received gifts they don't actually want? Many of us feel it's an obligation to give as much as possible, but it can be both a waste of money and bad for the environment.
Let's face it - material goods are essential. We all need 'things' to get by, and there's nothing wrong with liking nice 'things'. However, think about your favourite memories - how many involve 'things'?

By giving an experience, you can help to create unforgettable memories for someone. This could be anything from surfing lessons to a concert ticket. For your foodie friends, how about a lovely restaurant voucher? - The hospitality industry needs our support more than ever right now so that’s win-win.

2. Switch the wrapping paper

Wrapped presents do look pretty under the tree, but at huge cost to the planet.
If you can’t go without, consider opting for the classic gift bag that can be perpetually gifted on!
“Try telling that to a 4 year-old” we hear you say. You can still give little ones the satisfaction of tearing open their presents by getting creative with recyclable eco friendly brown paper with your own stamp on it - literally. Don’t forget to ditch the plastic tape in place of environmentally friendly paper tape. Voila.
Personally, we love getting gifts wrapped in colourful old scarfs and pretty bits of material that we can reuse again and again. Repurpose those ‘irreparable’ old garms.

3. Buy a pre-loved gift - make it a game!

We can sometimes feel ‘cheap’ or embarrassed to give second-hand gifts, but the truth is, you get way more bang for your buck when you buy quality pre-loved items. Jewellery, furniture, bags, shoes, coats, purses, gadgets - who doesn’t love looking up the original retail price of their latest bargain purchase? Set a challenge with your friends and family to find the best pre-loved gifts for one another with a maximum price cap.

4. Avoid going overboard on the food

One of the most nostalgia-inducing parts of Christmas is the food! We've all got memories of eating far too much chocolate and stuffing our faces at dinner.
But the reality is that a tremendous amount of food waste occurs at Christmas. Think carefully about what you and your family will eat, and make the most of it!
Use tupperware and foil covers to keep leftovers - freeze what you don't eat!

5. Thrift a Christmas party outfit

Need some fresh outfits for a busy month of Christmas parties? Shop second-hand! Many empty their closets in preparation for the Christmas season, so it's a perfect time to grab a new outfit. It's much better for the planet - and your bank account!

Whatever you do this Christmas, keep the planet in mind. Waste is harmful to both people and the earth.

Remember, Christmas is about spending time with the people you love - and that includes yourself. So make sure you set aside some time to crack open a can of Feel Good, and enjoy your time off!

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