#DoGood #BeGood #FeelGood


Our core mission at Feel Good is to give something back to our world. Not only are we committed to replacing what we are taking from earth’s resources, we want to put back so much more.

In business we have a choice. We can put profit first and damn the consequences or we can consider our impact on planet and people and take a slower, more thoughtful journey to a sustainable success.

It was an easy decision for us at Feel Good. We are putting our hand on the heart of our company and saying we take responsibility for our actions, we are transparent in our responses to them and we are ready to share our story.

It began with us offsetting more than double our carbon footprint based on 2020 and working with Planet Mark – an internationally recognised initiative for businesses acknowledging continuous progress, encouraging action and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

Watch this space.

#DoGood #BeGood #FeelGood

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