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Finding Your Feel Good

We all have feel good moments. Mine is being in the sea. Whether it’s swimming, surfing or sailing, either on my own or with family and friends, it’s exactly where I want to be.

I was lucky that I knew this from an early age having moved to the Gower when I was 8. Living by the coast became an essential part of my wellbeing and so, at the age of 21, I chose to put the sea permanently at the centre of my world when I moved to West Dorset. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and has kept a balance throughout my life.

Getting in the water allows me to challenge myself in a variety of conditions and, by being present in the moment, it gives me space to think – often influencing some of life’s big decisions. Like launching a purposeful brand, Feel Good drinks.

I wanted to create something that celebrates our wellbeing and encourages us all to think about life in a different way. I know that’s a lot to expect from a can of drink but stick with me.

Feel Good drinks are a range of 100% natural, great tasting, fruity sparkling waters that contain no nasty additives, added sugars or sweeteners, making them a healthy choice for all. So far so good but it’s not enough to just think about what is inside the can, we must consider the can itself and the wider impact these products have on our environment.

In our production of this drink we have wholeheartedly committed to a low carbon progression to net zero by 2030. I am bursting with pride at the pioneering strides we are taking and the relationships we are building on the way, like the work we are doing with Planet Mark. And here’s another reason why.

We have established The Feel Good 3% People Planet Fund. It’s our own way of giving back. The fund donates to, and partners with, charities that support personal and planetary wellbeing. We work with likeminded initiatives who are as committed to the natural world as we are. We all know how precarious our planet’s future is, how hard it is to protect and restore it, but we can have a positive impact - as custodians of the land, parents and consumers. With each choice we can make a difference and here at Feel Good we have the opportunity to support others with those choices too. That makes me very happy.

So what’s your feel good moment? We would love to know. Come and join us on our epic journey and let’s share our discoveries.


The man behind the brand

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#DoGood #BeGood #FeelGood

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