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Seagrass: A Natural Solution To Climate Change?

We have all seen the recent effects of climate change, whether it is flooding, droughts, forest fires, ecosystem destruction, ocean acidification (where CO2 leaks into the sea, reduces the pH and makes the water more acidic), species extinction or the collapse of food chains. It is a devastating list of consequences to our modern world behaviour.

And we understand the basic science of it too - the increase of CO2 causes the atmosphere to hold more of the sun’s heat, meaning temperatures are raised, which in turn creates significant shifts in the weather. In just 100 years our planet has warmed by 1oC which is mainly due to industrialisation and a meteoric rise in CO2 emissions. We cannot risk this climbing further. 

So, how can we make a difference? It’s a difficult question to ask in the face of something so globally overwhelming but even small changes matter. As a purpose driven brand, we wanted to focus on the areas we believe will give the biggest impact and we think they are issues close to your heart too. So our packaging is 100% plastic free. We use at least 75% recycled aluminium cans because they are the most sustainable choice currently available and we work with Every Can Counts to promote the importance of recycling them. Plus we proudly partner with Plant Mark on our journey to Net Zero.  Not only this but we are donating 3% of our profits to a regeneration we passionately believe in - seagrass!

You may have already heard us talk about Project Seagrass, a marine conservation charity dedicated to protecting global seagrass meadows. The underwater plant - complete with roots, shoots, seeds and even flowers - lives in shallow, sheltered areas in the sea creating vital ecosystems. 

Like mangroves and salt marshes, seagrass meadows capture and store carbon in their soil - this is known as Blue Carbon and is more efficient than storing carbon in trees. It can remain buried in seagrass sediment for thousands of years and, in absorbing large amounts of carbon, it changes the chemistry of the water and lessens the harmful acidic effects. 

blue carbon - seagrass

The meadows also provide homes for marine life including turtles, seahorses and young fish like cod and plaice, they protect our coastlines from erosion and filter out contaminants to make our oceans cleaner and clearer.

 how seagrass works

Unsurprisingly seagrass meadows are also under threat globally and in the UK alone we have lost up to 92% of our seagrass in the last century. Project Seagrass is instrumental in turning the tide of this planetary loss and it is a privilege to work with them through our 3% People and Planet Fund, to raise awareness of the environmental issues we face and the important role seagrass plays. 

For every can you buy of Feel Good you’ll not only be enjoying a delicious tasting drink, you’ll also be supporting project seagrass and giving back to the planet that Feels Good!

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